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Comparing the Covid19 Crisis and the Climate Crisis - A Wake Up Call

Updated: Aug 25, 2020


Despite being warned by scientists that a global pandemic would hit, we failed to heed those warnings. Eventually Covid19 will become a memory. The same could be said about the Climate Crisis, the only difference is we don’t have the promise of a vaccine to stop climate change in its tracks. If we fail to act globally, as a nation and locally, the health, environmental and economic consequences of climate change will be far greater than that of the Covid19 pandemic.

We asked some local experts and student activists, what are the 3 most important actions local government should be taking right now to reduce and reverse the worst effects of climate change for our area. Watch our video to find out what they have to say.


-If you vote in Sarasota - Sign Our Citizen Petition to local elected officials and candidates asking them to take action.

-If you are an elected official or candidate running for local office - Sign Our Elected Official/Candidate Pledge stating that you will take action.

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